Urbis Lex Law Firm has a deep knowledge and experience in residential sector, the firm offers tailored legal assistance in relation to real estate residential investments with high potential of development.

With a boutique approach, Urbis Lex Law Firm focuses on the quality of the legal assistance, creating an innovative residential legal format offering an improvement to the urban environment in which it is inserted.

Demand in the residential market is changing from apartment-style living to single-family homes in master planned communities including front yards, backyards, parks and other amenities. Build-to-rent is a booming industry for a large millennial population for years to come. Serviced accommodation is one of the fastest growing sectors in the property rental market. Senior living is already a consolidated reality at international level with residential complexes preferably in a place with a warm climate dedicated to old people, combining autonomy and the comfort of a wide range of services. Our aim is to capture the essence of residential investments, in leading locations in Italy that goes beyond the past and looks at the future, interpreting with enthusiasm the new legal demands of clients.

Our approach includes offering an established legal pipeline in land acquisition, entitlements, lot development and our trusted relationships in the homebuilding industry to create value for the investors. Our mission is to create success with a long-lasting value for our clients.