Urbis Lex Law Firm assists clients from the initial idea and delivery planning of a construction project, through procurement and bidding, in the negotiation and drafting of contracts, throughout construction, to project completion.

We work closely developers, public and private owners, construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, designers, and lenders.

Urbis Lex Law Firm is recognized locally and nationally as leader in the area of construction law for its deep knowledge and experience to effectively address all of the issues that commonly arise on construction projects also in obtaining the relevant building titles, including the definition of master plan instruments such as framework agreements, implementation plans and planning agreements, and the related authorizations, with specific expertise in zoning, building and environmental matters.

We promote and support the legal culture of the urban planning, economic, social, and environmental feasibility of the projects, improving the legal quality of the processes of planning, design and management.