Urbis Lex Law Firm offers advice at every stage of the investment transactions, from structuring, providing its clients with the most suitable legal instruments to define their strategy in the real estate sector (including by means of real estate investment funds or SICAFs), to execution and long-term profitability. The firm aims to always provide an excellent, cross-border and business-oriented service, and it promotes also at institutional level the analysis of recent developments and regulatory changes in the real estate market.

Urbis Lex Law Firm advises both on transactions allocating equity in the market and on financed investments. The firm also advises on the management of distressed assets and corporate insolvencies, the applicable legal framework and the development and restructuring of distressed real estate assets.

Urbis Lex Law Firm offers multidisciplinary skill-sets that allow it to assists Italian and international clients both in more recurrent contractual structures (such as acquisition and disposal agreements, development projects for the acquisition, achievement and income generation of the relevant portfolios, turnkey construction contracts, large commercial leases, business leases and management contracts) and in sophisticated real estate transactions and related development projects.